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Our mission


Our starting point: our customers

As one of the most innovative companies in the business travel market, our mission is to give each employee the means to make its work life easier. Our experts are the ones who develop meaningful solutions adapted to needs of hundreds of French and international customers.

This mission is reflected in all the actions of our employees.

Dust off the business trip

From the beginning, Supertripper's strength lay in the constant willingness to disrupt the business travel activity that has remained anchored to the methods of another era. This determination has allowed us to specialize in business trip cost optimization, to create a community of +6,000 active members and to offer an efficient solution approved by such prestigious references as, Naf Naf, Thalys or Kapten.


Co-building the future of entreprise mobility

Since the first day of Supertripper, the same red wire has guided our steps: to make users' feedback the main lever in the development of our product. To enhance our business travel management platform, we are based on the experience of each travel manager and business traveller through regular exchanges regarding the use of our tool.

Supported by a large network of experts, Supertripper is at the forefront of the future of the business trip. We want to be actors in this new era of the mobility that is being built in front of us.

Engaging with Supertripper is to welcome a new partner by your side.