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The management platform

We have designed the ideal business travel management solution. Supertripper is more than a simple booking platform!


Efficient tools to simplify your travel booking process

Find your next flights, trains, hotels and rental cars on a single interface, anywhere in the world. Thanks to our partnerships, we deliver the widest choice of options among the main suppliers. Book in a few seconds, always at the right price.

Your personal information is secured and recorded directly on the platform to allow you to make your reservations very quickly.

You can now focus on high value-added tasks for your company.


Delete expense reports

Thanks to our integrated system, expense advances belong to the past. Each user is linked to your company's account. For each reservation, only the company's account is debited.

No company card? We can easily generate a virtual cards for you to make the payment directly on the platform.

From now say goodbye to advances and expense reports for your business trips!


Improve the productivity thanks to an automated expense reporting

Supertripper automates expense reports for you. On your dedicated dashboard, consult the consumption background, filter and analyse the distribution of costs and optimize continuously your expenses related to your employees' travels.

Helped by a dedicated account manager, the follow-up of our clients' reportings allows them to carry out from 30% savings thanks to a better visibility.


of employees want to be able to book their own trips on a dedicated platform.


average reduction time spent on administrative tasks.


of average savings achieved through better visibility with our individual support.

The key features


Set up your travel policy

Clarify and simplify your employees' travels thanks to the travel policy. Optimize your travel budget anytime with your consumption history and advices from experts.

Room in a 3* hotel minimum, 250€ maximum for a Paris-London flight, only first class for trains... Configure quickly one or more travel policies by company, by division or by employee, according to your criteria and needs.

With relevant recommendations, our experts help you to adjust your budget in real time according to your use.

Download our example

Stay in control with the validation circuit

With Supertripper, you keep control for your company!

Each traveller is related to a manager who can decide to validate or refuse a request for a reservation out of policy. With the help of our experts, set up your approval process to ensure a perfect travel compliance and to reduce expenses.

With Supertripper, you only have one invoice for the entire amount of your company's trips!



Customize your reports via labels

Invoice tracking becomes child's play. In addition to the essential information visible on your detailed reports, add or modify your own data easily. Indicate if it is an expense to be re-invoiced, link a customer account per reservation or to a collaborator number,... it is you who build your reports according to your needs!

We ensure you the optimization of the triptych time, money and passenger comfort.

Make your employees' work life easier

At Supertripper, we believe that a high-performance tool is a tool that your employees take ownership of. Our solution, developed with more than 4000 feedback users, allows to reach 90% of adoption rate within your company.

This satisfaction score has been obtained thanks to a vision shared on a daily basis with our customers: make business trips an enriching experience for both the traveller and the company with zero constraint.


Choose a turnkey solution. No obligation. Without constraint.