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Supertripper is the solution to book, manage and analyze all your business trips.

Handling your professional trips becomes really easy. You can choose to make your employees independent or to put a centralized booking system in order to always keep the control on your finances.

Trip policies

Set up of travel policies

Monitor the evolution of business travel expenses thanks to real-time reporting and optimize your budget through the implementation of travel policies

Trip policies

Delete travel expenses

We centralize all travel expenses for you and generate invoices to delete expense and advances notes.

Trip policies

Automate the invoicing process

Find all invoices your directly generated on your dashboard. No more lost invoices, find them at any time.

Trip policies

Make your collaborators' life easer

With Supertripper, both travelers and managers are winners. Comfort and productivity in the same hand.

A customer service proactive and here for you

Supertripper brings together the best business travel experts to fit all your needs. Support, advice and recommendations guide each of our actions to create a real bond of proximity with you.

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Why does Supertripper have a daily impact?

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Our integrated solution gives all the reports for the financial department with a real-time visibility about the costs of every trips. It is time to reduce your travel expenses.

All employee data is recorded: your bookings can be made in 3 clicks. Subscriptions and loyalty cards are automatically applied without having to fill them in for each trip. All invoices are directly generated at the checkout.

The fluid and intuitive interface is perfectly designed for travellers. Executives decide the traveler options and possibilities for the bookings in accordance with your travel policy. You will always receive personalized travel assistance if needed.

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Unlike traditional business travel solutions, Supertripper does not take any commission or no agency fees! Our solution is based on a fixed cost per active user that allows us to offer the most economical solution on the market.

Our solution is without obligation. No trips planned soon? Suspend your subscription and reactivate it very simply, whenever you want

Our platform is intuitive from the first connection. Set up your account in a few minutes and roll out Supertripper to your employees. In less than a day, your entire team can start booking.

More transparency, cheaper prices

Make employees independent while maintaining control

Thanks to our integrated solution, your employees can book without a credit card directly on their account linked to your company. Our service provides cost support, centralized invoicing and offers an overview to always keep an eye on your finances.

ShapesSupertripping a complete tool for the financial managerDelete expense advances with Supertripper


Your employees are working only on high value-added missions

Supertripper saves an average of 20% of time on every booking. Your employees can focus entirely on the tasks that really matter.


Promote the well-being of your employees

With Supertripper, your employees will be impressed by the ease of use of our solution. Last minute change of plans? Flight cancellation? Our experts will always be at your side to find you the best solution in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Make your travels an engine of commitment and growth

Save up to 30% on your expenses. Our innovative booking process gives you the best prices and allows you to make significant savings.

Calculate the best prices and to make significant potential savings.

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